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  1. Plural of battery



  1. Plural of batterie

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Battery may refer to:
  • Battery (electricity), an array of electrochemical cells for electricity storage; or one such cell
  • Battery, the act of injuring another person in a manner likely to cause bodily harm:
  • Artillery battery, an organized group of artillery pieces
    • A piece is "in battery" when it is loaded and ready to fire
    • A piece is "out of battery" if it is not ready to fire
  • An array of similar things, e.g. "Schoolchildren take a battery of standard tests to measure their progress."
  • Battery farming, a term for industrial agriculture
  • Battery (baseball), in baseball jargon, refers collectively to the pitcher and catcher.
  • In chess, a battery consists of two or more pieces on the same rank, file, or diagonal.


Several places are named either for the historical locations of coastal defense artillery batteries, or for the fancied appearance thereof:




"Battery" is derived from French batterie, from the verb French battre, Late Latin battuere = "to beat", of Germanic origin, compare Anglo-Saxon bēatan. Many of its modern uses arose as generalisations of the meaning artillery battery.
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